How to make android studio faster & improve performance ?

We all know that android studio is a powerful tool to make android application with efficiency and high compatibility. And it is receiving frequent support and updates from google to keep up with latest android versions. So it is highly recommended for a developer who  is focused on making optimized android applications and android studio […]


How to add a alert popup in your android, iOS, Windows phone game using Unity 5.3 ?

Alert popups are an essential part of every android app or game. It helps developers to provide appropriate instructions and alerts to users while using the apps. We can implement alert popups on unity using many methods. We are going to generate a popup alert using the easiest and efficient way possible by taking advantage […]

Tech Tips

How to configure 5.1 audio speakers in windows 8, windows 8.1 and windows 10 ?

Configuring for 5.1 channel in windows operating system after connecting to home theater is very important to receive 5.1 surround output to your audio receiver, else you still get a stereo output from PC or laptop PS : (not all laptops support 5.1 output by default.Read this article to use 5.1 output from laptop  and fail […]


How to add ShowcaseView (amlcurran/ShowcaseView) in android app using android studio ?

ShowcaseView is a very useful tool.It can be used to provide hints and information to our app users regarding controls and features. Today we are going to implement ShowcaseView using a free library called “amlcurran/ShowcaseView”. It is very useful and had many features and styles. amlcurran/ShowcaseView is a simple and easy to implement showcaseview tool and this library is […]