How to add ShowcaseView (amlcurran/ShowcaseView) in android app using android studio ?


ShowcaseView is a very useful tool.It can be used to provide hints and information to our app users regarding controls and features.

Today we are going to implement ShowcaseView using a free library called “amlcurran/ShowcaseView”. It is very useful and had many features and styles.

amlcurran/ShowcaseView is a simple and easy to implement showcaseview tool and this library is distributed under an Apache 2.0 License.

Step 1

First,navigate to your build.gradle (Module:app) and add the library.

compile 'com.github.amlcurran.showcaseview:library:5.4.3'

There are multiple types of  implementation like

1.Action Items



4.Single shot


6.Custom text

7.Custom showcase.

We are going to demonstrate single shot –  It can be used to provide hints only a single time in the lifetime of the app. So it won’t annoy user every time they open your app.

It only displays on the first launch of the application.

Step 2

Open the activity you want to display ShowcaseView and add this given code
Target viewTarget = new ViewTarget(, this);  // Add the control you need to focus by the ShowcaseView
  new ShowcaseView.Builder(this)
          .setContentTitle(R.string.title_single_shot)        // Add your string file (title_single_shot) in values/strings.xml
          .setContentText(R.string.R_string_desc_single_shot) // Add your string file (R_strings_desc_single_shot) in values/strings.xml 

Set the control you need to focus by Showcaseview.


If you don’t need to focus on any control and just need to show a single message use this code instead.

  new ShowcaseView.Builder(this)
          .setContentTitle(R.string.title_single_shot)        // Add your string file (title_single_shot) in values/strings.xml
          .setContentText(R.string.R_string_desc_single_shot) // Add your string file (R_strings_desc_single_shot) in values/strings.xml 

For more reference and features please visit the Github page

Sample application is available at