AdMob native express will no longer be available from March 2018

Google is stopping AdMob native express ads services slowly and encouraging users to switch to banner ads, I don’t know why but Google suddenly decided to terminate their Native express ads from 23 October 2017 developers no longer able to create new ad units. The service will not provide any ad response from 1 March 2018 and you will not get any response for ad requests after this date.

Admob is recommending users to switch to banner ads from the rich native ad units, and they are saying that they will continue investing in native ads functionality by expanding their “native advanced ads” which is an advanced version of native ads.

Native advanced ads provide App install ads and Content ads. AdMob’s native advanced ads format enables publishers to render ads that are seamless with content, or that take advantage of app features like swipe gestures and 3D animation. You can use this technology to implement highly custom renderings that take full advantage of the native code on Android and iOS. Advanced native ads are no longer confined to a box like a traditional banner ad.

Through the use of native ad styles, you can aggregate native demand across thousands of advertisers.

But currently, this service is available only to a limited number of publishers, also its now running on beta stage.

This move is not good for developers because most of the native ads are performing very well and developers earn good amount of money from it. We are hoping that they will soon release the new Native advanced ads to replace normal native ads

This is the original email notification from Google regarding their AdMob native ad termination

Dear AdMob Developer,
From 1 March 2018, native express will no longer be available in AdMob so we are encouraging developers to switch to banner ads to continue ad serving. You are receiving this message because you have native express ad units in your account.
Switch to banner ads
Starting on 23 October 2017, you’ll no longer be able to create new native express ad units. To ensure that your ads continue to serve, we recommend that you switch your existing native express ad units to banner ads before 1 March 2018.
Finally, we will continue investing in native ads functionality such as expanding our native advanced feature, which is currently available as a limited beta. If you’d like to receive email updates about this programme in the future, please click here to indicate your interest.
If you have any questions, please contact us via the AdMob Help Centre.
Yours sincerely,
The AdMob Team