Android Tech Tips

PUGB xapk validation failed on Android devices – Fix

PUBG is a popular online multiplayer game on Android platform, Few users face an issue while launching the game for the first time, They get an error message showing “pubg xapk validation failed” its an annoying issue after installing a game above 690 MB, Few users uninstall and reinstall the game while trying to fix […]


AdMob native express will no longer be available from March 2018

Google is stopping AdMob native express ads services slowly and encouraging users to switch to banner ads, I don’t know why but Google suddenly decided to terminate their Native express ads from 23 October 2017 developers no longer able to create new ad units. The service will not provide any ad response from 1 March 2018 […]


How to implement Admob Native Express AdView in Listview and RecyclerView on Android Devices ?

In this tutorial, we are going to find out how to implement admob native express adview in a recycler and a listview.  We will place a native ad after a specific number of items is listed on a recycler or listview. Native ads are more catchy and attractive for users which result in more click conversions inside […]


How to play video file on login page as background with a textview slider in android app ?

Example Animation In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to add a video as a background in our android app with a slider that changes information when we scroll left and right on our app screen. Adding video into app may increase the size of  your application but it will definitely provide a […]